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Kollel Members Take Positions in Community

Change is rarely easy, but it provides an opportunity for growth. As the Kollel continuously grows in its ability to bring Torah learning, Torah teaching and Torah living to Denver Jewry, it regularly undergoes changes that are a healthy part of that process.
Over the past several months, there have been significant changes in the personnel of the Kollel, as two Kollel members, Rabbi Eli Mozes and Rabbi Yaakov Zions, have taken positions in the Denver community.
“Although we will miss Rabbi Mozes and Rabbi Zions as full-time Kollel Scholars, we are very gratified to have our Kollel scholars assume positions of leadership in our local Denver community,” says Kollel Dean Rabbi Shachne Sommers.
Rabbi Eli Mozes joined the Kollel in October of 2013. During the past four years, Rabbi Mozes has become an integral part of the Kollel and the Denver Jewish community. Rabbi Mozes’ thirst for Torah learning, encyclopedic Torah knowledge and wide smile have won him many friends, admirers and students across Denver. He delivered numerous classes in Southeast and East Denver, and his students have been forever enriched by his broad knowledge and enthusiasm for Torah study. Rabbi Mozes’ dynamic presence in the bais medrash was enjoyed and appreciated by Kollel scholars and community members alike.
This past September, Rabbi Eli Mozes joined Yeshiva Toras Chaim as shoel u’mayshiv, sharing his Talmudic expertise with individual students and groups during bais medrash sessions. In addition, he serves as Director of Student Development, actively researching and recruiting potential student candidates.
“Rabbi Mozes has earned a place in the hearts of all of the bachurim in Yeshiva,” says Rabbi Naftali Seidenfeld, menahel (principal) of Yeshiva Toras Chaim High School. “With his warmth and caring nature, coupled with his erudite knowledge, we are sure we will have a wonderful relationship going forward.”
“I am deeply appreciative to the Kollel for the nearly four years that I spent as a community scholar,” says Rabbi Mozes. “I am also thankful to the Kollel for recommending me to Yeshiva Torah Chaim, feeling that that this would be most beneficial for me and the community. Although it is difficult to leave the wonderful bais medrash environment of the Kollel, it is wonderful to be able to move on to such an amazing (and local) institution. The Yeshiva allows me to spend virtually all my time teaching a new generation of Torah scholars, community leaders and Torah-true Jews.”
Rabbi Yaakov Zions joined the Kollel in October of 2014. For the past three years, he has been bringing his unique breadth of Torah knowledge to countless Jews in Denver. Rabbi Zions is a veritable fountain of information on virtually any subject associated with Torah and Judaism, and his eagerness to share his knowledge with others has made many a person more knowledgeable of halacha and Jewish customs and traditions.
Rabbi Zions is responsible for bringing the world-famous Navi class of Rabbi Yisroel Reisman to Denver. He is an integral part of a weekly night seder program at Ohr Avner, the Bucharian community synagogue in Aurora. He delivers a weekly class in the Kollel’s West Denver Bais Medrash and maintains numerous chavrusah learning sessions at all times and locations throughout the week.
Following Sukkos, Rabbi Zions took a position with Scroll K Vaad HaKashrus of Denver.
“It was an amazing opportunity to have been full-time in the Kollel for three great years,” says Rabbi Zions. “The Torah learning and knowledge I have gained, as well as being surrounded by great scholars whose entire focus is furthering Torah knowledge, is rewarding and humbling.”
Rabbi Zions will, for the time being, remain part of the Kollel’s afternoon and evening study sessions as he gradually takes on more responsibility with Scroll K.
“I greatly appreciate the efforts the Kollel made to ease my transition period, being provided the ability to remain in the Kollel on a part-time basis. Moving forward, I hope to maintain my involvement to whatever degree possible.”
“We are excited and most pleased to have Rabbi Yaakov Zions join us at the Scroll K,” says Scroll K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Elchonon Joseph. “Rabbi Zions is well-known as an established talmid chacham (Torah scholar). His broad knowledge in many areas of halacha and Talmud, along with a keen eye for detail, will make him a great asset to the Scroll K.”
Rabbi Zions and Rabbi Mozes join eleven other Kollel alumni families who have remained in Denver since joining the Kollel.
“It gives us great nachas to see the community tapping Kollel personnel for vital Torah positions in Denver,” says Kollel Director Rabbi Moshe Heyman, “and it’s a testimony to the caliber of our scholars that they are hired by such prestigious organizations.”

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