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A Deeper Look

Sure, lots of Jews spend time reviewing the weekly reading of the Torah, but how often do we actually get the opportunity to really get to the bottom of the parsha?

  • Join Kollel Dean Rabbi Shachne Sommers on a journey toward A Deeper Look at the Parsha.
  • Rabbi Sommers discusses a number of difficulties encountered in the weekly Torah portion, and develops a comprehensive approach to resolve the issues, simultaneously conveying a deeper understanding of the material being discussed.
  • Can’t make it Tuesday evening? Senior Educator Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher delivers A Deeper Look at the Parsha at the Kollel West Denver Bais Medrash, 1395 Wolff St., Sundays from 8-8:45 pm

“You can’t help but get totally involved with Rabbi Sommers. All of a sudden you are seeing and learning Torah principals you never had any idea were there. It makes no difference what your Jewish learning level might be.”

Bob Pitler, Aish member