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Pesach Recipes

Though for some people, Pesach food is synonymous with eggs, matza, and potatoes, there’s a wide array of easy and delicious foods you can make on Passover that are tasty enough to serve year round! All it takes is a little ingenuity. Try the recipes below, and don’t be surprised if your family members remark, “Wow! This is really good!”

Chaya Malka Abrams’ Sweet Potato Puffs

Yehudis Heyman’s Individual Potato Knishes

Devorah Fleisher’s Low-Fat Potato Kugel

Chaya Malka Abrams’ Chinese Chicken

Malky Levitansky’s Chicken With Matza Stuffing

Tirtza Amsel’s Brownies

Yehudis Heyman’s Blondies

Esti Schwab’s Cinnamon Cake

Malky Levitansky’s Strawberry Shortcake