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Waiting Between Meat and Milk on Memorial Day

Okay, so you had parmesan cheese in your salad at lunch. Can you enjoy that sizzling steak at the dinnertime barbecue? If you were at one of three locations where the Kollel held its Legal Holiday learning program on Memorial Day, you should have the answer.

Memorial Day, was Monday, May 26th, a week and change before Shavuos, and that means that the Kollel’s Legal Holiday learning program, a fixture in Denver, was in full swing. The Kollel offered learning with Kollel members in three locations, on Denver’s West Side, East Side, and Southeast. Preceded by shacharis and a great breakfast, the program offers people the opportunity to start their day off on the right foot with Torah study.

The program attracted nearly thirty participants, and with cheesecake and other dairy delights of Shavuos a few days away, the program focused on the subject of waiting between dairy and meat. The material was prepared by Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher, Senior Educator for the Kollel.

“People always wonder where the various customs of waiting after meat or dairy, come from,” he says. “Where did six hours come from, where did three hours or an hour come from? It was informative and relevant to the time of year, and I’m glad people were able to discover the answers. Knowing why we do things makes it that much more meaningful.”

Leslie Illes says he enjoyed, and gained from, the learning. “I had a wonderful time learning with (Kollel Dean) Rabbi Sommers and (Programming Director) Rabbi Heyman. The program enabled me to glean new perspectives on the Torah.”

Dr. Daniel Peckman, a Southeast resident who is secular studies principal at Denver’s Yeshiva Toras Chaim, appreciated the relevance of the subject matter. “The material we covered was so practical, essential to everyday Jewish life,” he said. “And I really appreciated being able to learn with Rabbi Sommers. The depth of Torah knowledge he possesses is truly impressive.”

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