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Tribute to Rabbi Amsel at Donor Appreciation Event

The Kollel’s Annual Appreciation Event is just a few days away, and, with the Amsel family’s recent departure to Detroit, a tribute is being planned for the evening.
“The Donor Appreciation Event is the time when those dedicated to the Kollel gather to show their support.” says Kollel Dean Rabbi Shachne Sommers, “It’s an ideal opportunity for us to express our gratitude to Rabbi Amsel for all he has accomplished here during the past fifteen years, and to reflect on the impact he has made, and the legacy he leaves, as he moves on to his new position in Detroit.”
This year’s Donor Appreciation Event will be hosted by Brad & Dana Licht at their home, 6156 East Powers Avenue in Greenwood Village, on Monday, September 24th, at 7 PM.  The event will feature Sip & Sizzle, a culinary experience artistically designed by the Kollel women.

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