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The Issues of Tracking and Snooping on Other People

Are you allowed to read an email that was sent to you in error? What about if someone inadvertently left confidential paperwork next to the office water cooler? A boss may be allowed to check on his employees’ emails, but can he read the personal ones, as well, if they don’t affect the company? And is Edward Snowden a traitor, or a hero?

These were some of the tough issues discussed at the Kollel’s October Torah for Tycoons. Joshua Close, Software Integration Engineer, Samsonite LLC, presented the dilemmas faced in the workplace, as well as in daily life, regarding snooping and spying. Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher, the Kollel’s Director of Community Education, discussed what the Torah has to say about these contentious issues.

“I love how these great and ancient concepts work their way into modern questions,” said Scott Levin, Regional Director for the ADL, and a long-time T4T participant. “Despite all the new technology, the same principles from thousands of years ago still apply.”

There was a great deal of discussion among the participants, as they weighed in with their questions, as well as their thoughts on some of the issues raised. Even though the final bell had already rung and the class was over, people stayed behind to continue debating.

“There was great energy there, and I think people were really putting themselves into the issue at hand,” said Rabbi Fleisher. “And that’s what Torah study is about. It’s not a cold, intellectual field. It’s about putting yourself into it, and putting it into yourself. That’s what Torah’s about, and that’s what the Kollel brings to Denver.”

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