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Mozes Family Joins Kollel and Community

There’s a lot to be excited about these days if you’re a Jew living in Southeast Denver. The community, which continues to grow in spiritual as well as physical terms, was energized by the announcement that the Denver Community Kollel will be opening a Torah Center in Greenwood Village. But that’s not all. Just a few weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday morning immediately after Sukkos, Rabbi Eli and Gitty Mozes touched down at Denver International Airport. Their arrival marked the Kollel’s latest addition to the Denver community, filling the void left by the departure of the Mandel family to Cleveland several months ago.

Rabbi Eli Mozes, 26, hails from Lakewood, NJ, while Gitty Mozes, 24, is a Chicago native. They had resided in Lakewood, NJ since their marriage, and they have two children: Baruch, 2 ½, and Miriam, seventeen months.

“It’s evident to anyone who meets Reb Eli that he is a dynamic, talented individual who will add greatly to the Kollel and the Southeast community,” says Kollel Dean Rabbi Shachne Sommers, who also resides in Southeast Denver. “We are delighted that the Mozes family chose Denver and the Denver Community Kollel, and we look forward to great things from them.”

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