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Mental Gymnastics at 3 AM

As Jews throughout Denver spent the entire night of Shavuos immersed in Torah study, the Kollel offered learning on both the West Side at Kahal Zera Avraham and the Southeast at the Kollel Torah Center. With both chavrusah learning and classes throughout the night on the topic of mitzvos tzrichos kavana (the need for intent when performing mitzvos), as well as a class from Kollel Scholar Rabbi Yossi Kaplan on the West Side on the subject of sheidim (demons) in halacha and aggadah, there was no lack of excitement to help keep Torah learners awake and involved all night, as Ken Levin can testify.
“Even though it was way past midnight and my bedtime, Rabbi Sommers managed to hold my attention and interest in the subject matter,” says Ken. “Mental gymnastics at 3 am is something everyone should try at least once a year!”

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