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Kollel’s Annual Extravaganza Celebrates its Bar Mitzvah Year

What to do with the kids December 25th? That age-old question, asked by American-Jewish families for decades, has become largely irrelevant in Denver and its environs thanks to the Denver Community Kollel’s annual Jewish Family Extravaganza.

For thirteen years, the Kollel’s Women’s Division has hosted the event on December 25th for Jewish families. A fun-filled day that gives adults and children alike the opportunity to join with fellow Jews from across the greater Denver area and beyond, the Extravaganza took place at the South Suburban Family Sports Center in Centennial.  The 150,000-square foot venue held attractions for kids of all ages, and attracted an estimated 600 people.

Kollel Dean Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab was thrilled with the turnout. “Wow, can you imagine? 600 people! This event is so much more than just a fundraiser for the Kollel. It’s a friend-raiser! We meet Jews from all over, and they discover how much the Kollel has to offer in enriching their lives Jewishly.”

Younger children enjoyed the rides in Lollipop Park, a mini-amusement park located in the Sports Center, while older kids and adults took advantage of a range of activities that included ice skating, laser tag, and bumper cars.

“My kids had a great time at the Extravaganza,” said Ira Sparer of Colorado Springs, who was there with his two children. “It was a nice opportunity to spend a day with fellow Jews in a safe and fun atmosphere when nothing else was open.”

“People look forward to this event, and they’re so excited to be part of it all,” said Becky Baxman of JF Options Jewelers. “I saw kids still wearing their admission bracelets for days after the event!”

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