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Kollel Publishes Kuntres Al Hahar Hazeh for Pesach

The Kollel published Kuntres Al Hahar Hazeh on Pesach, a compendium of Torah thoughts written by the Kollel members. More than 400 copies were distributed in synagogues and batei medrash in Denver and numerous other cities across the US and Canada.
A kuntres, a term meaning “pamphlet,” generally refers to a relatively brief work of Torah thoughts. The 46-page publication featured ten articles on halachic and aggadic Pesach-related topics ranging from A Bar Mitzvah During Sefirah to The Matzah Inoculation.
The kuntres is the brainchild of Kollel scholar Rabbi Chaim Yeshia Freeman. “Rabbi Freeman is constantly looking for new ways to spread Torah,” says Kollel Director of Operations Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher. “His determination and efforts ensured that a high-quality, professional publication would be offered to the community to enrich and inspire their Pesach.”
“The Kollel is here to disseminate Torah,” explains Rabbi Freeman. “While the Kollel is on break during Pesach, this is a wonderful way to continue bringing Torah to Jews across the country throughout Pesach. One Kollel scholar received a text from a friend telling him that he had seen his article in a shul (synagogue) in Brooklyn, New York!”

To view the kuntres, click here.

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