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Kollel Partners with Dirshu International

Torah study is of paramount importance to every Jew, and the Kollel’s central mission is to bring Torah to Denver Jewry. A major component of Torah study is retaining the material studied. But reviewing Torah can be a challenge; it requires commitment and motivation.

Enter Dirshu International. Dedicated to helping Jews throughout the world acquire Torah knowledge. Dirshu offers numerous Torah study opportunities to Jews worldwide; more than 100,000 people from dozens of cities participate in its varied programs.

During the last several months, the Kollel has begun offering two of Dirshu’s programs: Kinyan Shas and Daf Yomi B’Halacha.

Kinyan Shas is a monthly test on the sections of Talmud studied as part of Daf Yomi, the folio-a-day program studied by Jews throughout the world. A stipend is awarded to those who receive a passing grade on the test. With dozens of people throughout Denver studying Daf Yomi, the test is a great motivation to encourage participants to review and know the material they have studied during the past month.

Daf Yomi B’halacha is a daily learning program focusing on the study of Mishna Berurah, an important halachic work on the laws of daily living, written by the sainted Chofetz Chaim. The program also incorporates a regimen of mussar (ethics) study. A test is given monthly to participants, with monetary awards available for a passing grade.

Currently, there are nearly two dozen people participating in the Dirshu programs. Kollel Scholars Rabbi Shmuel Halpern and Rabbi Eli Mozes offer several classes during the week to learn the Daf Yomi B’Halacha material, and Kollel scholars also have a number of chavrusah (one-on-one) study sessions to learn the material.

Moving forward, the Kollel is in the process of creating a Daf Yomi B’Halacha program in other areas of Denver.

“This program is a great opportunity to gain a well-rounded view of the halachos (laws) that apply to our daily lives, ” says Rabbi Halpern. “Be a part of something that thousands of Jews worldwide are studying. Regardless of your learning background and fluency, there is a program for you!”

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