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Kollel Families Join Southeast Community for Shabbos

The Southeast community was treated to an uplifting Shabbos the week of Parshas Bamidbar, May 10-11. That’s because the West Side families of the Kollel – seven families in all – arrived to spend Shabbos in their midst.
The event came at a perfect time, just a few days before the festival of Shavuos. The Shabbos provided a wonderful opportunity for the community to get prepared for the holiday celebrating G-d’s giving of the Torah to the Jewish Nation.
The Kollel, which has five families of current members and alumni who make Southeast Denver their home, was welcomed by the community with open arms and much enthusiasm. “I was greatly touched by the excitement and interest that our visit created,” comments Kollel Scholar Rabbi Akiva Stern. He was also inspired. “I was deeply impressed by the high caliber of the beautiful Aish Kehilla. I now have a greater appreciation of what an essential part of the greater Torah vista this community is.”
Graciously hosted by residents of the Southeast community, the Kollel families came to inspire and be inspired. With a variety of classes, chavrusah learning opportunities, and talks for both men and women, there was something for everyone.
“It was wonderful to have the entire Denver Community Kollel join our community for Shabbos,” says Bob Balaban, who hosted the Fleisher family for a Shabbos meal. “Their presence adds greatly to the ruach (spirit) of Shabbos and the learning opportunities for the community.  My family was excited to host the Fleisher family and we hope to see them again! ”
As night fell and Shabbos began to fade away, Rabbi Stern delivered a talk at the Shalosh Seudos meal at Aish Denver. He discussed numerous aspects of Shavuos, pointing out that a major element of receiving the Torah is the tremendous desire one must develop for the Torah. It was a powerful lesson that highlighted the Kollel’s mission throughout Denver – to bring Torah to any and every Jew in the greater Denver area.
Kollel Dean Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab continues to be inspired by the Southeast community. “This is a community that has grown tremendously, and continues to strive toward ever-greater heights in their quest for authentic, Torah-true Judaism. It is an honor and a pleasure to spend Shabbos here.”

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