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Donor Appreciation Event 2017

The Kollel held its annual Donor Appreciation Event on Monday, September 25th at the Beth Jacob High School of Denver Educational Building in West Denver.

The Donor Appreciation Event is the opportunity for those dedicated to the Kollel to gather and show their support, as well as an opportunity for the Kollel to express its appreciation to its supporters.

The Beth Jacob Educational Building is located directly across the street from the site of the future home of the Kollel. Groundbreaking on the site is scheduled for December 2017.

“This location provided a perfect backdrop for an evening focused on the great progress the Kollel has made during the past year in building the future of Torah in Denver,” says Kollel Dean Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab. “We are grateful to the many people who are working and partnering with us to make this building – once nothing more than a dream – become reality.”

A short but impactful and informative program began with a brief recap of milestones of the past year. Kollel Dean Rabbi Shachne Sommers then announced that two Kollel members were taking positions in the community. Rabbi Eli Mozes, who joined the Kollel nearly four years ago, has taken a position as sho’el umaishiv in Yeshiva Toras Chaim of Denver, while Rabbi Yaakov Zions is joining Scroll K Kashrus of Denver. Rosh Kollel Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab discussed progress on the Kollel’s building campaign, showing the latest floor plans, 3D imagery and a brief virtual tour of the future three-story, state-of-the-art home of the Kollel. Kollel Associate Scholar Rabbi Akiva Stern followed with a thought on the weekly parsha that focused on the unique Torah needs of every Jew and the Kollel’s mission to provide Torah for every Jew. Kollel Director Rabbi Moshe Heyman concluded with the announcement that the Kollel had recently qualified for Colorado Child Care Tax Credits and the opportunity this development provides for Kollel supporters.

As with all Kollel events, a unique culinary experience, Perfect from Plate to Palate, designed and created by the Kollel women, delighted attendees.

With stunning décor, great ambience and delicious food, the Donor Appreciation Event was enjoyed by all those in attendance.

“The evening was really inspiring,” says Mrs. Agi Fried. “Everything was arranged beautifully, the speakers were excellent, the food was delicious! I thought it was a very successful event.”

To view pictures from the event, click here.

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