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Day After Shavuos Learning with the Kollel

It’s the morning after Shavuos, and you’re home from school. What are you going to do? If you live in Denver, the answer is simple: you attend the Kollel’s Day After Shavuos Learning program. Offered for boys grades 1-8, it provided the opportunity to keep the fire of Torah going strong with a learning program on all three sides of Denver. Sponsored by the M.B. Glassman Foundation, Day After Shavuos learning ran from 9-10:30 in the morning, as Kollel members taught the younger boys while helping the older boys engage in chavrusah learning. Over thirty boys participated in the program, which included, in addition to the learning, nosh, prizes for all attendees as well as a drawing for two grand prizes, and a terrific story.


Kollel Scholar Rabbi Yossi Kaplan, who organized the program, was delighted at the Torah study the program engendered. “It was great to see so many children come together to learn on their day off!” he said.


Dr. Robert Sahlerabi, whose two sons, Joshua (grade 3) and Gabriel (grade 1) attended the program in EDOS (and brought home one of the grand prizes), says the program stayed with his boys beyond the hour-and-a-half of learning. “My two boys loved the post-Shavuot learning program! When they came home they were talking all day about getting a chance to learn and observe older boys learning Gemara, and winning an awesome prize was the icing on the cake!”


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