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Partnership with the Scholars

What Is Partnership with the Scholars?


For many years, the Denver Community Kollel has brought Torah and Judaism to thousands of Jews of all affiliations throughout Denver.

Partnership with the Scholars is a unique program in which those who can’t dedicate themselves to full-time Torah study can share in its merits by supporting those who can. It gives you an easy, low-risk way to support the Kollel because it is directly linked to your income.

How Does The Program Work?

Without laying out any money up front, local business people have made the Kollel a partner in a percentage of the future profits of their businesses.

The Kollel scholars study and pray for the success of these businesses. If the business owners see an in – crease in profits, the Kollel receives a percentage of those profits.


A Biblical Partnership

The Partnership With the Scholars concept isn’t something new; in fact, it dates back to biblical times.

The tribes of Yissochor and Zevulun were the originators of this kind of partnership.

The members of the tribe of Yissochor dedicated themselves to full-time Torah study, while Zevulun’s members were successful traders. Zevulun partnered in Yissochor’s Torah study by financially supporting them, and in exchange, they received their share of the merits of Yissochor’s Torah study.

Partnership with the Scholars is a modern-day adaptation of the Yissochor-Zevulun partnership.

For information, contact Kollel Dean Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab at 303-820-2855 or at