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The Fascinating World of a Scribe

More than 20 people gathered on Tuesday, December 13th, to hear a presentation from Rabbi Tuvia Negreann, a sofer (Jewish scribe) living in West Denver. The program, held at the Mizel Museum, was part of the Kollel’s M.B. Glassman Foundation GOLD Senior Division’s Live and Learn series. Live and Learn is a monthly event featuring...
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Kollel Infrastructure Campaign Moves Forward

The Kollel’s campaign to create Torah infrastructure has taken several steps forward in recent weeks. In Southeast Denver, construction on the Kollel’s Southeast Torah Center is well-underway. Under the expert direction of Kollel Associate Scholar Rabbi Yossi Kaplan of EJC Construction, owned by Efraim Cunningham, a steady stream of construction workers are knocking down walls and...
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Kollel’s 2016 Donor Appreciation Event

The Denver Community Kollel’s annual Donor Appreciation Event took place on Sunday evening, October 9th in the elegant and spacious building of Altura Periodontics. The Kollel’s friends and supporters turned out in droves to attend this special occasion. At the event, Rosh Kollel Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab launched the start of the Kollel’s much-anticipated capital campaign....
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