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Category Archives: Kollel Update

“Wonderful Jewish Energy” at Kollel’s Chanuka Kumzitz

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, better known as the Ba’al HaTanya, once said, “Words are the pen of the heart, but music is the pen of the soul.” The power of a niggun, a heartfelt song, to lift the spirits and inspire is legendary, and has been utilized by the Jewish People since their inception,...
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Kollel Women Lead JWRP Mission to Israel

It all began in Utah in 2008. It was there, during a four-day retreat, that eight Jewish women from all walks of life came together, having realized that the values of the world were spiraling out of control. The group, consisting of married, single, older, younger, observant and non-observant women, had one mission: to create...
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Tribute to Rabbi Amsel at Donor Appreciation Event

The Kollel’s Annual Appreciation Event is just a few days away, and, with the Amsel family’s recent departure to Detroit, a tribute is being planned for the evening. “The Donor Appreciation Event is the time when those dedicated to the Kollel gather to show their support.” says Kollel Dean Rabbi Shachne Sommers, “It’s an ideal opportunity...
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Kollel and Denver Community Welcome New Family

“I feel privileged to be a part of the Denver Community Kollel and the Denver Jewish Community,” says Rabbi Dovid Schwartzberg. Rabbi Schwartzberg, along with his family, relocated to Denver from Lakewood, New Jersey at the end of August to become the newest member of the Kollel. The Schwartzbergs are the first of a group of...
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