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Mozes Family Joins Kollel and Community

There's a lot to be excited about these days if you're a Jew living in Southeast Denver. The community, which continues to grow in spiritual as well as physical terms, was energized by the announcement that the Denver Community Kollel will be opening a Torah Center in Greenwood Village. But that's not all. Just a...
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Donor Appreciation Event 2013 Impressive, Informative, and Inspiring

The Donor Appreciation Event isn’t a typical name for an event. Then again, the Denver Community Kollel is anything but typical. And as the Kollel continues to provide Denver’s Jews with innovative and exciting opportunities for Torah study and growth, its events also continue to intrigue and energize Denver’s Jews. The Kollel’s Annual Donor Appreciation Event,...
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The Issues of Tracking and Snooping on Other People

Are you allowed to read an email that was sent to you in error? What about if someone inadvertently left confidential paperwork next to the office water cooler? A boss may be allowed to check on his employees’ emails, but can he read the personal ones, as well, if they don’t affect the company? And...
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Kollel Families Join Southeast Community for Shabbos

The Southeast community was treated to an uplifting Shabbos the week of Parshas Bamidbar, May 10-11. That’s because the West Side families of the Kollel – seven families in all - arrived to spend Shabbos in their midst. The event came at a perfect time, just a few days before the festival of Shavuos. The...
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Kollel Brings Shavuos Excitement to Denver

Shavuos celebrates G-d’s giving of the Torah to the Jewish people, and in Denver, the address for Torah is the Denver Community Kollel. The Kollel offered numerous programs both leading up to and during Shavuos throughout the Denver area. The Wednesday before Shavuos, the Kollel Women’s Division organized a pre-Shavuos JWRP (Jewish Women’s Renaissance...
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