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Denver Community Kollel’s Donor Appreciation Event Marks 18th Year

The Denver Community Kollel’s annual Donor Appreciation Event took place on Sunday evening, September 20th at the home of Drs. Joel and Goldie Cohen in Englewood, CO. The Donor Appreciation Event is a time when those dedicated to the Kollel gather to show their support, as well as an opportunity for the Kollel to express its...
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Kollel Partners with Dirshu International

Torah study is of paramount importance to every Jew, and the Kollel’s central mission is to bring Torah to Denver Jewry. A major component of Torah study is retaining the material studied. But reviewing Torah can be a challenge; it requires commitment and motivation.

Enter Dirshu International. Dedicated to helping Jews throughout the world...

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Shavuos with the Kollel

Shavuos is the holiday that celebrates the Giving of the Torah to the Jewish People. It is exceedingly difficult to absorb and connect with a yom tov, a Jewish holiday, without proper preparation. Indeed, the Talmud states that one ought to begin the mental preparations thirty days prior to a holiday! To that end,...

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Kollel Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary

The Denver Community Kollel held its 17th Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday, March 17th. The evening focused on the Mesorah of the Jewish people, from Moshe receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai until the Torah we learn today. The Kollel distributed an exclusive new publication, From Denver to Sinai: Our Mesorah - The Unbroken Chain of Torah...
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Day After Shavuos Learning with the Kollel

It’s the morning after Shavuos, and you’re home from school. What are you going to do? If you live in Denver, the answer is simple: you attend the Kollel’s Day After Shavuos Learning program. Offered for boys grades 1-8, it provided the opportunity to keep the fire of Torah going strong with a learning program...
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