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Day After Shavuos Learning with the Kollel

It’s the morning after Shavuos, and you’re home from school. What are you going to do? If you live in Denver, the answer is simple: you attend the Kollel’s Day After Shavuos Learning program. Offered for boys grades 1-8, it provided the opportunity to keep the fire of Torah going strong with a learning program...
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Waiting Between Meat and Milk on Memorial Day

Okay, so you had parmesan cheese in your salad at lunch. Can you enjoy that sizzling steak at the dinnertime barbecue? If you were at one of three locations where the Kollel held its Legal Holiday learning program on Memorial Day, you should have the answer. Memorial Day, was Monday, May 26th, a week and change...
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Mental Gymnastics at 3 AM

As Jews throughout Denver spent the entire night of Shavuos immersed in Torah study, the Kollel offered learning on both the West Side at Kahal Zera Avraham and the Southeast at the Kollel Torah Center. With both chavrusah learning and classes throughout the night on the topic of mitzvos tzrichos kavana (the need for intent...
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Preparing for Shavuos with the Kollel

It is exceedingly difficult to absorb and connect with a yom tov, a Jewish holiday, without proper preparation. Indeed, the Talmud states that one ought to begin the mental preparations thirty days prior to a holiday! To that end, the Kollel held a pre-Shavuos Shabbaton in the Southeast community ten days before Shavuos, on Shabbos...
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Kollel’s Annual Extravaganza Celebrates its Bar Mitzvah Year

What to do with the kids December 25th? That age-old question, asked by American-Jewish families for decades, has become largely irrelevant in Denver and its environs thanks to the Denver Community Kollel’s annual Jewish Family Extravaganza. For thirteen years, the Kollel’s Women’s Division has hosted the event on December 25th for Jewish families. A fun-filled day...
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