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Associate Scholars

Rabbi Avraham Abrams

Reb Avraham, son of noted Denver educators Mr. Lewis and Dr. Jeanne Abrams, serves as a Judaic studies teacher at Hillel Academy. Reb Avrohom’s unique combination of vast Torah knowledge, sweet personality and great pedagogical skills greatly benefit his students at Hillel. He, together with his wife Chaya Malka and their children, continues to be an important member of Denver’s West Side community.

Rabbi Dovid Gertz

R’ Dovid’s contagious love of learning and wealth of Torah knowledge continue to benefit the community. R’ Dovid is currently a marriage and family therapy intern at MDS Counseling Center. His special sensitivity to people of all backgrounds is evident to all. He and his wife, Faigy, continue to make an impact on the community of Southeast Denver where they make their home.

Rabbi Elchonon Joseph

Reb Elchonon’s insightful perspectives in Torah study continue to be enjoyed at the Kollel’s evening study sessions. He spends the daytime hours in the field of Kashrus supervision as a Mashgiach for the Scroll-K of Denver. He, together with his wife Miriam, a daughter of Rabbi Hillel and Mrs. Naomi Erlanger, and granddaughter of the late Dr. Werner and Mrs. Lucy Prenzlau, are an integral part of the Denver Jewish Community.

Rabbi Yossi Kaplan

Reb Yossi took a position as Project Manager for EJC Construction in November 2015. He continues to be a presence in the Kollel Bais Medrash, where he teaches and studies in the evenings. He and his wife, Rivky, who teaches at Hillel Academy, are an important part of the West Side community.

Rabbi Daniel Krausz

Reb Daniel spends his daytime hours as an architect. He is a frequent participant in the Kollel’s night and Sunday morning study sessions. Reb Daniel and his wife, Adina, are both Denver natives. Reb Daniel is the son of Mr. Ari and Mrs. Ruthie Krausz and grandson of the late Dr. Werner and Mrs. Lucy Prenzlau.

Rabbi Levi Lebovits

Rabbi Lebovits, a Pittsburgh native, and his family moved to Denver to join the Kollel in 2009. He and his family currently reside in the Southeast area of Denver. He is the director of the Vaad Project for Yeshiva Torah Chaim of Denver. His wife, Yocheved, serves as a teacher of Judaic studies at Hillel Academy.

Rabbi Gavriel Rudnick
Reb Gavriel continues to be a presence in the Kollel Bais Medrash during the Kollel’s evening sessions. His devotion to Torah study and his constant striving toward greater spiritual heights inspires all those he comes into contact with. He and his wife, Avigail, who is a graduate of Beth Jacob High School of Denver, are an important part of Denver’s West Side community.

Rabbi Dovid Schwartzberg

Reb Dovid’s skills in teaching children are being put to good use at Hillel Academy, where he serves as the seventh grade rebbe. He and his wife, Batsheva, continue to be an integral part of Denver’s West Side Community.

Rabbi Yissochor Steinharter

Reb Yissochor’s incisive comments continue to be enjoyed during the Kollel’s evening study sessions. Since leaving the Kollel’s full-time program, Rabbi Steinharter has become a successful real estate agent, and is currently the owner of Highland Properties. He continues to teach in the Kollel’s community programs in the evenings. His wife, Avigail, the daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Myer J. Schwab, founders of the Kollel, and sister of Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab, Rosh Kollel/Dean, is the instructor of the highly popular Liberated Parents, Liberated Children series for women.