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Torah 4 Tycoons

Torah 4 Tycoons

Torah for Tycoons is a business ethics lunch-and-learn series begun in 2003 that focuses on ethical dilemmas and challenges in the professional workplace as well as in current events.

The monthly series is an opportunity for Jewish business professionals from throughout Denver to come together to discuss these challenges and solutions.

At each luncheon, a local business leader presents an ethical dilemma he faces in his line of work. Kollel Dean Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab, Senior Educator Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher or another Kollel scholar discusses how the Torah’s timeless wisdom can be applied in dealing with the dilemma. There is interactive question-and-answer during and following the presentation, as well.

 Torah for Tycoons is made possible through a generous grant from the Harry H. Beren  Trust Z.B.