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This board was created in June 2004 to help the Kollel restructure its internal operations and more effectively serve the broader Denver Jewish community.
This board provides guidance in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, program development and fiscal responsibility.


Board Officers

Rabbi Zev Beren, President
Mr. Don Gallard, Secretary
Rabbi Myer J. Schwab, Treasurer

Board Members

Marc Cooper, President, Cooper Investments
Phil Weiser, Dean, University of Colorado at Boulder Law School
Rochelle Block Sokol, The Block Group
Bob Weiss, Owner, LCM Property Management

Founding Trustees

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Beren
Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Beren
Rabbi and Mrs. Jacob Feder
Mr. and Mrs. David Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Don Gallard
Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi Gelt
Mr. and Mrs. Ari Krausz
Rabbi Leizor Rosen Z”L
Rabbi and Mrs. Myer J. Schwab
Rabbi and Mrs. David Sebbag
Mr. and Dr. Joel Unger
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Zussman
Mrs. Bernice Zussman