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Who We Are


The Denver Community Kollel is an institute for advanced Torah study whose scholars are dedicated to serving the educational and spiritual needs of all Jews throughout the greater Denver area.

Our mission is twofold:

  • To prepare our scholars for their future roles as leaders of the Jewish community.
  • To share the beauty of Judaism – and Torah study in particular – with Jews of all backgrounds.


The Kollel is comprised of  full-time scholars and  part-time associate scholars, who study Torah in-depth under the direction of Kollel Deans Rabbi Shachne Sommers and Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab.

The Kollel also runs an array of programs for Jews of all backgrounds, under the direction of Kollel Director of Programming Rabbi Moshe Heyman.


The Kollel’s Women’s Division, led by the wives of the Kollel scholars, works to bring the beauty of Judaism and Torah to women and their families, in particular.

The Kollel offers men and women one-on-one Torah study opportunities through its Partners in Torah program, led by Mrs. Tzippy Sommers.

The Kollel works in tandem with its Board of Trustees and its Advisory Board to develop effective Torah study and outreach programs for all Jews, while remaining true to the vision of its founders.


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